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10 Best Psychological Thriller Games For Android (2023)

In the mobile gaming world, we have a unique category that dives into the concepts of our minds. Psychological thriller games always go beyond the limit of traditional horror games and exploit internal conflicts so that the players are kept on the edge of their seats. If you are ready to start a journey that fights with your head, then the following is a list of the top 10 psychological thriller games for Android. These psychologically thrilling games will be a great challenge for your mind and you will engaged in the game.

Table of Contents

1. Alter Ego: 

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is a psychologically thrilling game that shows a great experience in which you can find your personal identity. As you traverse in the Alter Ego game, your personal questions shape the narrative, and it leads you to a rare ending. It also measures understanding of the world of psychological games. Alter Ego provides you with a thought-emerging journey into your psyche.

2. Danganronpa: 


Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition: You can Immerse yourself in a visual novel in such a way that no other than can do that. Danganronpa thrusts players into Hope's Peak Academy, where a sinister stuffed bear taunts them into a deadly game of murder. This strong narrative requires your skills about decision-making when you start navigating by the twists and you turn off these great thriller. As you start navigating through the difficult path of murder and deceive, your skills of decision-making are placed for testing. The changes about the narrative are greatly crafted so that you can keep players attached. This helps you to make and select an attaching moment of heart. This can change the content of the results of the game.

3. Dentures and Demons:

Dentures and Demons

Dentures and Demons is a combination of different categories like dark humor, adventure, and thriller. To reveal the mysteries, the Dentures and Demons take you on a detective quest for lurking in the eerie town of Varedze. Solve puzzles, untangle murder mysteries, and confront your wit in this gripping game that challenges your perceptions. You will need to solve puzzles and reveal different murders that are on the edge of the iceberg. The players will must need to confront their wit. The difusion of black humor adds a new flavour to the game. This serves as a counterpoint for the eerie ambiance. Since the players piece the enigmatic puzzle together, so the game merges them and makes a thrilling experience that gives you challenges for the types of ordinary gameplay.

4. Distraint 2: 

Distraint 2

There is a character with name Meet Price, who preferred his professional success over his humanity. A narrative driven experience is provided by Distraint 2 which provides information about the life of Price. The Distraint 2 uncovers a story about haunting encounters and self-discovery. With the help of handcrafted presentations, Distraint 2 provides a thrilling journey that leads to the depths of the human psyche. These handcrafted presentations of the game not only give us a visual experience but also ensures that players are engaged mentally in a proper way. You can also get a rare opportunity by getting into the depth of human psychology so that you can reflect your own choices in Distraint 2.

5. Eyes: 


The Eyes game reduces the boundary among horror games and psychological thriller games. The game offers a great experience to its users that induces anxiety. You are trapped in a mansion and you must avoid great monsters. Also, you will need to pass through various creepy rooms. This situation creates tense moments for the users. You will also have sandbox and customization options by which the game makes a thrilling atmosphere for the user. A user can customize his experience with the help of these options provided in the game. The developer has covered the anxiety and fear of human psychology in a great and expert manner.

6. Fran Bow Series: 

Fran Bow Series

As you step into the Fran Bow series, You see a girl grappling with mental illness and passing through the trauma as she witnessed a cruel murder. You will need to get out of a haunted hospital in this series. You will also explore a beautiful world full of puzzles and see many adventures when you start playing the game and escaping through the haunted hospital, yet these can be disturbing at the same time. You will reveal many secrets while escaping through the hospital. The Fran Bow series is really an exciting and thrilling in nature according to the human psyche while having five installments.

7. Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy:

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

The Getting Over It with Bennett Faddy is not a traditional psychological thrilling game but it still stands unique in the category of psychological thrilling games with its great gaming experience. The game offers unique challenges to the player and provides unexpected methods. The user is required to climb a mountain with the help of complex controls that can lead him to frustration and anxiety. The game taps your emotions and goals with the help of its unique mechanics. The game Getting Over It focuses on the psychological concepts of the player and adds great experience and twists in the game.

8. Thimbleweed Park: 

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a psychological thrilling game for human minds that places the user in a town that is full of haunted secrets. There are also many eccentric characters in that town. When you will untangle a mystery about a murder, then you will scroll through various puzzles. Hence it will help you in increasing your puzzle solving skills. You will also pass by scary buildings, and feel unusual events. Hence the Thimbleweed Park provides a freaky adventure with psychological thriller narratives. On the other hand, it is also very capturing. The darker secrets of the town add more complexity to the game. The developer has ensured that the game should be engaging and hence it is most liked by other users and is among one of the favourites psychological thriller games.

9. Tormentum: 


Tormentum, the psychological thriller game, takes you on a journey to discover new things in a nightmarish world. It encourages to explore a dark and fantasy world. The adventurous game keeps you engaged with the help of its entertaining puzzles, haunted places, a beautiful gameplay, and you are admired to uncover the mysteries inside the thrilling game. With the beautiful gameplay of the Tormentum, a user is kept engaged and it captures the attention of the user with the help of thought provoking puzzles and adventures.

10. Whispers of a Machine: 

Whispers of a Machine

Assume the role of Vera who is a cybernetically a great investigator in the Whispers of a Machine. The game gives you control over the decisions of Vera and your choices in the game will have an impact on the results of the game. You will doubt about her sanity creep because she experiences loss. While puzzle-driven, the heart of the game lies in its captivating narrative, offering a thrilling experience for psychological thriller enthusiasts. With the help of puzzles and its amazing gameplay, the game keeps its user engaged with it. It also uses human psychology, the complexity of morality, and identity in order to make it the best psychological thriller game for its users. In this way, it tries to provide the best experience to its users. It engages the mind and emotions of users at the same time. You will find yourself in a web full of fraud that keeps you guessing at last you reach at the end of the game.


Be ready to question the reality and challenge your mind thoughts and concepts when you enter and scroll through the psychological games. These games offer various unique concepts from Alter Ego to the Whispers of Machine. These concepts keep you engaged until you reach at the end of the story. Just enter the category of best psychological thriller games and enjoy various adventures. Try to Solve multiple puzzles by yourself and then enjoy the game on your device and check your mental and emotional health.


1. What is the #1 psychological horror game?

The #1 psychological horror game, according to critics and players, is Silent Hill 2. This iconic title is renowned for its immersive atmosphere and deep psychological narrative.

2. What is psychological horror games?

Psychological horror games focus on creating a sense of fear and unease by delving into the psychological and emotional aspects of horror.

3. What is a dark psychological thriller?

A dark psychological thriller is a genre of storytelling, often seen in movies, books, or games, that combines elements of psychological tension, suspense, and unsettling themes. These narratives delve into the darker aspects of the human psyche, exploring complex characters and thought-provoking moral dilemmas.

4. How is outlast psychological horror?

"Outlast" is considered a psychological horror game due to its intense focus on psychological terror and a lack of traditional combat. Players assume the role of a journalist trapped in a mental asylum, emphasizing the vulnerability and psychological horror elements of the game.

5. What is the king of horror games?

"Resident Evil" is often considered the king of horror games due to its enduring popularity and influence on the genre. This iconic series has set the standard for survival horror, offering a mix of action and psychological horror elements.

6. Are there any games like Doki Doki?

Yes, there are games similar to Doki Doki Literature Club! that combine visual novel elements with psychological horror. 
Some popular options include UndertaleThe Witch's House, and Yume Nikki, all of which offer unique storytelling and unsettling themes akin to Doki Doki Literature Club!

If I missed any of the best thrilling games, feel free to comment below and I will try to cover them in the list of upcoming articles.

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